Start a Thrift Center

A God of Abundance

Past President, Ken Jipping, remembers how vulnerable he felt when he signed a lease for the very first Bibles for Missions Thrift Center in the United States. “Here we were committing to a lease,” remembers Ken, “and we really didn’t know that we would have the volunteers or the merchandise to make good on it.”

God proved to Ken that He is a God of abundance.

Ken also remembers a young mother who came into the Center just before Christmas. “She purchased a bicycle for her son for just a few dollars. She was extremely thankful that our thrift store allowed her to give her son a meaningful Christmas gift.”

Still actively involved on the Board of Directors, Ken enjoys working with volunteers across the country seeing their passion for getting God’s Word to people.

Starting a New Center

Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers have raised money to provide thousands of Bibles for people in Mexico, Bulgaria, Colombia, China, Kenya, the Philippines, Haiti, Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Venezuela, and other countries.

The Thrift Centers provide a great opportunity for people of all ages to make a substantial contribution to the placement of Bibles by working as volunteers in the Thrift Centers. They serve the community in which they are located by making quality goods available at a very low cost. Most important, the money received from the sale of these donated goods is used to bring the precious and powerful Word of God to people who have never heard this vital message.

There are presently 16 Bibles For Missions Thrift Centers in operation in the United States. The first center opened in Holland, MI, at the end of 1992. Since then, over $40 million has been raised for Scripture placement. Praise the Lord!

It is our prayer that God will lead and enable you to begin a Thrift Center in your community. First step? Praying for guidance, wisdom and leadership.

If you are interested in starting a Center in your town Contact us today!