Our History


In the early part of 1992, Mr. Ben DeRegt, a person involved with Thrift stores in Canada, came to Michigan and spoke about the concept of starting Thrift Centers in the United States.

As usual, Mr. DeRegtā€™s stirring presentation motivated the members of the interested committee to, if at all possible, open up a Thrift Center in Holland, Michigan. Several obstacles surfaced, but finally a Thrift Center opened on Lincoln Avenue on the southside of Holland, Michigan, in December of 1992.

In December of 1993, a second Center opened on Douglas Avenue, on the north side of Holland, Michigan. God has richly blessed the effort in Holland by providing an avalanche of donated merchandise, numerous and dedicated Volunteers, and people to purchase the donated items.

And so, Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers, supporting ministries who provide Bibles, began.

UPDATE: As of 2016, we have 14 Thrift Centers with over 1,300 faithful volunteers, and since 1993 we have been used by God to raise over $40,000,000 to fund Scripture placement worldwide.