Worthington, MN


Worthington, Minnesota

Providing Bibles for Kenya
419 Tenth Street
Worthington, MN 56187
Phone: (507) 376-3766

Store Hours:
Shopping: T & Th  10-4

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In the Community

Your Thrift Center is my first “go to” when I thrift shop. As a young widow, money was always tight, and making purchases through thrift stores became a way of life. That was 25 years ago, and I still thrift twice a month. There is no limit to my “adventures” or “hunting” as myself and daughter have called our shopping. You never know what treasures are waiting for new homes!

In Kenya

Thank you for providing Bibles for Kenya!

The children at Churiri Primary School in the Great Rift Valley completed their Bible studies, and a celebration was planned. Staff members drove from Nairobi to present certificates to each child. As they drove, it began to rain, then hail. Still a little distance from the school, their truck became hopelessly mired in mud. Refusing to allow the weather to stop the celebration, the 500 students walked to the truck and received their Bibles and certificates! Thank you for enabling these children to study the precious Word of God.

In the Center

“Our is staffed by volunteers from southwest Minnesota and northern Iowa. There are 22 churches that support the store, some coming from 50 miles away to work. The merchandise is all donated, as well as, all who work and donate their time. A volunteer works on behalf of others. Working at the store is very rewarding as we remember our goal is to provide Bibles for the people of Kenya, Africa.

We also want to be an influence in the community. Beside our witness, Bibles and other religious material are often given out free. The store meets the needs of the Worthington area community as there are many minorities living here. The store is located on Main Street…a good location! Some volunteers work one day a week, others a couple of days a month, and yes, some come every day to open the Center.

A volunteer’s day begins with devotions, followed by coffee. What do we do? The back room is piled high with bags and boxes of donated “stuff.” Women unpack the bags, price the clothing, and even wash some items. Other women are putting merchandise out on the sales floor in the right department…men’s, women’s, children’s clothes, books, appliances, dishes, shoes, furniture, etc. Men are helping with the furniture, checking to make sure appliances work, and finding surprises in some boxes while wondering how some things are used. More important are the volunteers who manage the cash register, those who open and close the store, those who do the bookwork, count the money, keep the records, pay the bills, order supplies, and those who serve as board members.

There are lots of different things you can do at a Thrift Center. Our store has been open for ten years. One day in October, we had 18 Volunteers come in on one day! Volunteers will continue to be a testimony in our community as we serve the Lord. I really enjoy working with this group and will continue to do so. Come join us!” ~ Stella