Pella, IA

Pella, Iowa

Providing Bibles Globally
2500 Fifield Road
Pella, IA 50219
Phone: (641) 628-1650

Store Hours:
Shopping: M-W, F 10-5, Th 11-6, Sat. 10-2

See How We’re Making a Difference!

In the Community

“I’m sorry that the cost of sending Bibles has gone up so much. But I’m not surprised with the cost of shipping and printing everything. The last time I was in the store, there were lots of customers and lots of people shopping. I’m so glad that this mission is successful. It gives me a good feeling to know that some of my gently used items may bring joy to those who receive the Bibles and to those who have purchased the items. Thanks for being there. Blessings to you!” ~ Twyla

In Romania

Roxana loved nature, but was not sure she could believe that God created it. As a curious teen, Roxana started attending church with her mother. When her schoolmates reacted with ridicule, and even her teachers treated her harshly, Roxana countered that she was not a Christian. Yet she kept going to church, where she was able to study the Bible you helped provide—and her eyes were opened to Jesus. She was so excited, she began telling her schoolmates about Him. Though they laughed at her, she stands firm and prays that their eyes will be opened, just as hers were.

In the Center

“I thoroughly enjoy working at the Bibles for Missions Thrift Store. I look forward to seeing the other workers who are all supportive of the mission of the store. I often work at the cash register and hear the positive comments of customers about the merchandise, the store and the prices. I see the register totals add up and know that we can send more Bibles to Eastern Europe.

On days that I work in the back, I see the donations come in and appreciate the generosity of the donors and get to be a part of the volunteers who do such great work – and have such great fun – sorting, pricing, and displaying the merchandise.” ~ Ruth