Orange City, IA

Orange City, Iowa

Providing Bibles for Haiti
116 Second Street NW
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: (712) 707-9933

Store Hours:
Donations: T, W & F  10-5, Th 5-8
Shopping: T, W &  F  10-5; Th 5-8

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In the Community

“My family loves the Bibles for Missions Thrift Center! There’s always a variety of good used items and the prices are just right for any family’s budget. My kids like coming here because they know it’s economical, and I won’t say, “no” as quickly as I do in a department store. As a bonus, the profits go to a great cause. We love the friendly staff too! Thank you for a great store!” ~ Michelle

In Haiti

Life in Haiti is hard, and stories of hardship and misery are common. Biblonel wants you to know you have made a difference for him and his people. “I am happy to write you today. Without God in my life I would not exist. He is my light, and my comfort is in His Word. It brings great joy to my heart when I see the Bible come to life for others.”

In the Center

orangecity-ia-image3-280x210“Every day is an adventure volunteering at the Bibles for Missions Thrift Center, since we never know what will be brought in the back door. Some of the gifts are ordinary items or clothes, but many times, items are a mystery and have to be researched in order to determine the value. Other times, someone’s interesting and valuable travel collection will be dropped off. This all translates into a wide variety of merchandise displayed on our shelves.

Customers not only find exceptional bargains in our store, but it is also a destination! The best part is that our profits provide Bibles for those waiting for one in Haiti. It’s a win-win situation all around! ~ Dee

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