Memphis, TN

Memphis, Tennessee

Provide Bibles for China and Bellevue Baptist Missions
6184 Macon Road
Memphis, TN 38134
Phone: (901) 372-1085

Store Hours:
Shopping: M, W, S 11-5

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In the Community

Our store!

“I really appreciate the selection of items at this store. It is really organized, and I love going through all the clothes. I seem to find a gem each time I’m here.

And there always seems to be a good selection of items to choose for my home, too. I can really stretch my dollars as things seem very competitively priced. I am dressed well with the things I get here.” ~ Doris

In China

Yan wants to thank you for Scripture materials that changed her life. “Our son was terribly rebellious and I wanted to divorce my husband,” says Yan. “One day, Sister Bao listened to my troubles and introduced me to Jesus. She continued following up with me, explaining the Bible through Christian materials. I led my son to study the Bible and later my husband joined us. The Word of God rescued my family! I now treasure my husband, and we are full of heavenly joy.”

In the Center

“I think about the times I have been blessed, and all the fulfillment in my life to be a part of Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers. I think of the volunteers and how often I have needed prayers, and how they would take my hand and pray at that very moment for me, and all the people that needed to be lifted up. Those prayers have gotten me through a lot of days.

I think of my 92-year-old mother. We moved her from Mississippi to Memphis. She knew very few people in the area at the time. After a few weeks, I asked Mom if she wanted to come to the Thrift Center with me and that was the beginning of her new life. She would sit at the front door of our store and greet all the people that came in, and she always had a small toy for the children. She soon became Mama to them. Mom’s hair was as white as snow and some of the children would come up and want to touch it. She would bend her head over and let them touch it. Those children made her day. The Thrift Center Volunteers took her under their wings and loved her.

I think of our customers that come in to shop with us. They tell us they shop at Bibles for Missions Thrift Center because we help others. I remember telling one of our lady customers about another lady, living in China and in her sixties, who had never had a Bible to ready of her very own. The Thrift Center made it possible for her to have her very own Bible. People risk their life every day taking Bibles into China.

And last, I think about all the people that bring their used things because they know that we are helping others. Helping others is what it is all about. My life has been so much richer from the Christian fellowship and the work of the Thrift Centers. You should come and help us! Find the love and fellowship that I have found! Most of all, know in some small way, you’re helping people know the Lord and have a happier life.” ~ Love in Christ, Betty

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