Jenison, MI

Providing Bibles for Colombia
7359 Cottonwood Dr., Ste A
Jenison, MI 49428
Phone: (616) 988-8550

Store Hours:
Shopping: M-F 10-4, Sat 10-3

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In the Community

Endless clothes for you!

“First of all, the people here are very friendly and they seem to care about what they do as well as how my experience is as a customer.

This mission seems to be great for getting a Bible in the hands of people who have never heard of Jesus.

I really appreciate how organized and clean this store is. The prices are very competitive. I tell my friends and come here often. When I donate, I get a wonderful greeting, and I also heard from my friend that when the guys came to pick up something at their home, the guys did a great job and were very friendly. Keep up the great job!” ~ Jan

In Colombia

For years, Abimael’s greed put his family through misery. A junior salesman, he would do anything to advance his career, even accompanying his sales team to brothels. When his wife left him, Abimael turned in desperation to a Christian colleague. “He took me to a Bible study, and that’s when God opened my heart to receive Him,” says Abimael. “I repented and never returned to the brothels. I started applying what I learned in God’s Word to my life. Over time, my wife noticed the change in me. Eventually, she came with me to learn how to live as Christians together.” Today, his whole family is serving God. “I praise God for all He is doing in our lives!”

In the Center

Crick before the cameras!

“We needed something to do, and we got invited to come help this ministry. We love this store. It gives us a chance to work with people that are there for a purpose, serving others, helping us to fulfill our mission for raising monies for Bibles for Ecuador.

The Bible has taught us to put others first, spread the gospel, and this is a way we can do that. We might not ever get to a foreign country, but we view this as our mission field.” ~ Crick