Highland, IN



Highland, Indiana

Providing Bibles for Colombia
2821 Highway Avenue
Highland, IN 46322
Phone: (219) 923-6436
Store Hours: 
Donations: T & Th  10-2

Shopping: T, 10-4; Th, 12-7; Sat, 10-3

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Highland, Indiana – In the Community

My sister and I are always shopping here. It’s always so clean and friendly. We get help from any one of the Volunteers anytime we ask. There’s lots to choose from and good prices. We love knowing that Bibles are going to Colombia, to people who have not heard about Jesus. We will keep praying for you. – Anonymous shopper

Highland, Indiana – In Colombia

For years, Abimael’s greed put his family through misery. A junior salesman, he would do anything to advance his career, even accompanying his sales team to brothels. When his wife left him, Abimael turned in desperation to a Christian colleague. “He took me to a Bible study, and that’s when God opened my heart to receive Him,” says Abimael. “I repented and never returned to the brothels. I started applying what I learned in God’s Word to my life. Over time, my wife noticed the change in me. Eventually, she came with me to learn how to live as Christians together.” Today, his whole family is serving God. “I praise God for all He is doing in our lives!”

Highland, Indiana – In the Center

I had left my position at work and got to a point I wanted something to do. I knew of the Thrift Center and said to myself, “I wonder if they need any help?” So, I went down and talked to one of the managers 11 years ago. It just so happened they could use a truck driver for pickups and deliveries, and that’s what I did for years. And I really like the mission they do here, so it’s been a great fit for me over these years. It’s not always easy, but very rewarding, and I have some great friendships built over the years. – Arie

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