Grandville, MI

Grandville, Michigan

Providing Bibles for World Mission
2900 Wilson Avenue
Grandville, MI 49418
Phone: (616) 249-3160

Store Hours:
Shopping: Th & F 1-5

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In the Community

New merchandise every day!

The way we look at it, there is more than one group of community people we serve.

  • We serve thrift-savvy shoppers, donors who provide the items we sell, and volunteers.
  • Local shoppers find great items at great value.
  • Local donors know that their items provide the gospel message where it would not otherwise go – and they’re helping keep the earth green by not contributing to landfills!

Local volunteers find their time is productive and beneficial to others. Interested? Then we’re looking for you! Contact us for a short tour – you won’t regret it.

Unreached People

Man with the Treasure, an audio Bible.

The proceeds of this store go to help support World Mission, a ministry which places the Treasure, an audio Bible, with people who have never heard the gospel message and often can’t read.

We regularly hear stories from remote areas of the world thanking God for being able to hear His Word in their own language. “Your God speaks my language!” How exciting!

In the Center

Our volunteers are the best!

Volunteers have the opportunity to serve  people who have never heard of Jesus, but without traveling or learning a new language. They’re missionaries to people in the remotest regions of the world just by sorting, cleaning, cashiering, or driving a truck.

As one volunteer said when recruiting his friend, “You can take a mission trip to Africa without having to take shots. The Thrift Center is just up the street.”

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