Grand Rapids NE, MI

Grand Rapids NE, Michigan

Provides Bibles for World Mission
5274 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Phone: (616) 363-3404

Store Hours:
Shopping: M, T, Th, F, Sat, 12-4; closed W & Sun

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In the Community

Welcoming layout

“I used to go by the place so often and not even notice. But the other day we saw your electronic sign that stated you were having a huge sale.

Everyone in our family benefited and the prices were just right. There was such a great variety and the quality was
very good. The kids love the books, my wife loved the clothes. I found a couple of unique items myself!

We would like to stop more often and will definitely tell our friends. We hope you stay around for a long time and it’s all for a great cause to help the Plainfield and NE side area and around the world.” ~ Jason

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For World Mission

“It’s amazing how God works in the lives of the children we are ministering to,” says Shirley Santos, who uses Bibles and materials you provide to lead evangelistic outreach among children in the Metro Manila area.

“Michael, a second grader and one of eight children, was an unruly child. He cursed and bullied other children. Then he attended our Kid’s Camp, where we used the Project Philip booklets. As he memorized verses, Michael changed; he became respectful and helpful. Everyone noticed this great change in Michael—his father even stopped cursing when Michael corrected him!”

Shirley finishes, “We thank God for you. Through these lessons, God is working in the lives of children!”

In the Center

“A lady called and said she had two brand new adult bicycles she’d like to donate. When we got to her garage to pick up the bikes, we noticed a new upright freezer that was still in a crate. We asked if she’d also like to donate that, and she replied, “Yes, I want to park my car there this coming winter.”

On our return trip to the Thrift Center, I contemplated the good prices those two bikes and that new Kenmore freezer would bring. And, I couldn’t help but think of the twists and turns our Father in Heaven sometimes makes to help us fill the Great Commission” ~ Don