Grand Rapids NW, MI

Grand Rapids NW, Michigan

Providing Bibles for The Philippines

1054 Leonard Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: (616) 454-6300

Store Hours:
Shopping: T, Th & Sat  11-3

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Grand Rapids NW, Michigan – In the Community

Leonard Thrift StoreAs a regular customer to the Leonard Street Center, I want to share with you some thoughts on why I appreciate your presence in our neighborhood. With the poor economy in Michigan, few jobs available, high gas prices and food prices going up, I have been able to live at a higher standard of living because of your store.

By buying nice donated items, including furniture, knick-knacks, pictures for the walls, pans and dishes, my apartment is so much better than before. You sell good-quality items at good prices. After losing weight, I needed clothes in new sizes. At your store, I was able to find jeans that were like new, as well as pants and shirts. I feel like a clean, well-dressed person who now lives in an apartment with nice things. Your store is clean. Your items are changed often with sales on the things that didn’t sell before. I really appreciate the sales, which makes it even more affordable for regular customers like me. I also appreciate the fact that I’m helping a good cause when I shop, helping to provide Bibles for people in Ukraine. Also, it’s important that when people donate their old things, other people can get something new, which can improve the way they live. I want people to know that change has been possible because of your Thrift Center. Thank you! – Mike

Grand Rapids NW, Michigan – In Ukraine

Andrei was enslaved by drugs and alcohol. “I always thought that I believed in God,” he says. “I was baptized in the Orthodox Church. I learned the Lord’s Prayer when I was seven years old. We actually had a Bible in our house, but no one could understand what was written.” When he met Vladimir and began studying God’s Word, Andrei realized that though he may have been steeped in religious tradition, he didn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. “As I read the Bible and prayed with others in the Bible study group, I finally realized that Jesus is a living Savior. He loves me, and wants to be part of my life!”

Grand Rapids NW, Michigan – In the Center

I have ben part of this ministry since we opened our doors, and I love it!

Our church was one of the two churches that embraced the idea of opening a thrift store to support a ministry that has gospel distribution as its mission.

Our volunteers are like family members; we pray for each other and help each other when we can. Our regular customers also are part of our family – Marlene