Statement of Purpose

  1. To receive donated items from the general public and businesses, and sell these items to the general public;
  2. To distribute some of the donated items to other not-for-profit ministries and agencies near the local Thrift Center;
  3. To send all remaining funds (income after local and corporate expenses) to ministries who will use these funds to place Bibles, New Testaments, and/or Scripture portions – and/or to train national church planters. Each Center shall choose the country or area of the world in which their funds will be used.

Dedicated Volunteers and faithful, generous donors make Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers a unique shopping experience.

Bibles For Missions Thrift Centers is a nonprofit 501(c)3 ministry. Donations of cash and merchandise are fully tax deductible.

What Sets Us Apart

Father and son shopping at a thrift store.

“You’re the department store of thrift stores.”
“I just love shopping in your store. It’s so clean and your Volunteers are so friendly.”
“You always have new, interesting, and affordable items.”

These are just a few comments told to us describing the Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers.

What makes Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers unique among the thousands of thrift stores operating across the United States? Why do thousands of customers visit Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers every day? There are two reasons:

Committed and dedicated Volunteers

These Volunteers are dedicated to seeing millions of Scriptures sent to spiritually hungry people in countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, Haiti, Venezuela, Kenya, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and China. A large dedicated staff allows Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers to offer cleaner, more organized facilities, affordable pricing, and exceptional service to the customer.

Superior quality of merchandise

Rooms of furniture, closets full of beautiful clothing, antiques, and valuables are donated to Bibles for Missions Thrift Centers each year. This merchandise is converted into hundreds of thousands of Scriptures. Many of the people who regularly donate items to the Centers are dedicated to seeing our mission attained.